A Spanner in the Works

The Old Toolbox Planter

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One of my sayings is “If it can hold dirt, you can plant in it.”  and I’m always looking for different things to plant in.   During a clean out of the basement tool bench I came across this old metal blue tool box.

an old toolbox ready to convert to a planter

It was nearly impossible to move when filled with tools.  When you push down on the handle it opened up to revel 5 compartments.  After all these years it didn’t work properly and needed a lot of pushing and pulling to get it all the way open.

ann old toolbox ... dirt added ... plants added ... a tool box planter

But when it was open I could see the possibilities.  It got filled with dirt and then I started planting … succulents and sedums from the garden.  There are always plenty of extras of those kinds of plants.  Then I started adding a few tools as after all, it was a tool box.

an old metal toolbox converted to a planter

There are some hens & chicks, creeping jenny, stonecrop and even a bit of wandering jew.

Back to the title of this post.  Are you familiar with the English saying “throw a spanner in the works”?  It means to do something that causes something not to work.  I added a few spanners to this box.  A spanner is a wrench for those that don’t know the term.  Well in this case, the spanner in the works means the box won’t work as a tool box any more but it makes a fantastic planter.

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