Creating a Succulent Pot

I used an old white, enamel wash tub that I got from Freecycle and planted it up with succulents.  It has grown well for the first year and some of the succulents bloomed.

a washtub succulent planter at

I purchased some new succulents from Prosperity Acres in the spring and along with some other bits and pieces from the garden I planted it up.

a washtub succulent planter at

The spring beauty hens & chicks have a lovely red tint to the leaves.

a washtub succulent planter at

One of the spring beauty hens grew tall and gave some beautiful little blooms.

a washtub succulent planter at

The blue spruce sedum all grew really well and sent up yellow flowering spikes.

a washtub succulent planter at

A smaller hens & chicks called jade rose was also added.

a washtub succulent planter at

A couple of bits of trailing sedum were added to the sides and  I think I need to add some more.

a washtub succulent planter at

Here is the tub aright now, it looks a lot more full.  I’m sad the red tinge to the hens and chicks (to the right) has vanished, but I hope it returns next year.  I also hoping that this pot survives all that the upcoming winter throws at it.  I’ll store it somewhere that it can be covered in a blanket of snow.

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