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Succulents are plants that store water in their leaves.  Sedums and sempervivums come under this category.  Give succulents the atmosphere they love – almost desert like conditions – and they will grow happily for you.

I recently received a copy of Propagating Succulents to review.  This 33 page ebook is written by Cassidy of Succulents & Sunshine and it includes some amazing photos that show you step by step how to propagate these plants. Click here to visit Succulents and Sunshine.

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These are some of the arrangements of hens & chicks I have or have had in the garden. (above are all my own photos, not included in the book)

I first discovered Succulents and Sunshine when I previewed and approved the site at Blotanical and I’ve been following it ever since.


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This is a lovely laid out ebook that explains how to grow succulents and increase the numbers you have in  your garden.  It covers all you need to know about growing, watering, taking cuttings and propagating.  I learned about leaf cuttings, need for watering, extreme sunlight and its effect on the plants and wonderful ways to display your succulent plants.  Our deck is south facing and I think succulents will thrive there in the summer.  Of course many succulents won’t survive the Canadian winter and would have to be over wintered inside.


(image from Succulents and Sunshine)  Click here to visit Succulents and Sunshine.

I really enjoyed reading this book … the wonderful shades of greens of the plants (my favourite colour) and the cool colours of the background pages made it very easy to read.  It was simple to download from the site and from there I transferred it to ibooks on the ipad.  Now it can be read and reread anytime I want, even when I am out in the garden.

Cassidy has an active Facebook page too, where you can ask questions and read comments from others.  If you have succulents in your garden or are considering adding them this is a great book to add to your e-library.

Please take some time to visit Succulents and Sunshine and check out the ebook for yourself.  Purchasing a copy is just a click or two away.

I’d love to know if you grow any succulents in your garden inside or out.

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