Plant Profile: Angel Trumpet

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Angel’s Trumpet or datura are members of the Solanaceae family along with brugmansia.  It is a heat loving plant that loves hot days and cooler evenings.

This is a plant that I haven’t grown in my garden for a few years, ever since I found out the blooms, leaves and seeds were toxic … harmful to both people and pets.   But last year I had a couple of plants that grew unexpectedly.   Don’t you just love those volunteer flowers?

The white blooms are lovely and open towards the end of the day.

growing angel's trumpet at

I love the slight tinge of purple towards the center of the bloom.


In my part of Canada this is an annual plant.  You could treat it like an exotic annual and grow it in the big pot which you could bring inside to over winter.


When the bloom is finished a seed pod starts to develop.

This plant also has the name thorn apple … which fits perfectly.

When the seed pod matures and dries out a bit it begins to split open, and inside are masses of tiny black seeds.   If you leave the seed pod on the plant they will disperse themselves all over your garden.  I will snip off the seedpod and take out the seeds.

You can see how tiny the seeds are compared to the Canadian dime.  These seeds were collected from just 2 seedpods.  I don’t know if I will plant these seeds another year or give them away in a seed swap.

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