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I’m still knitting away on various projects and I’m continuing to read the Knit and Nibble series, this time in ebooks.

Knit & Nibble Mysteries by Peggy Ehrhart

Died in the Wool was the second book in the series that I missed when I originally borrowed this series from the library. Pamela and her knitting group are selling knitted aardvarks as a fund raiser for the local school, but towards the end of the day a body is discovered under their table with an aardvark on its chest. Did the Knit and Nibblers unravel the murder?

Knit & Nibble Mysteries by Peggy Ehrhart

The fifth book, A Fatal Yarn, starts out with knitted sweaters showing up on trees around town. They don’t refer to it as yarn bombing, but that is what it is called. This is a group called Yarnvaders and they seem to be putting sweaters on trees labelled with red x’s that are doomed to come down. Then there is the murder of the mayor. Rolland of the Knit and Nibble group is arrested for the murder. Pamela and Bettina set out to solve the murder as they feel the police are barking up the wrong tree, as the saying goes.

Knit & Nibble Mysteries by Peggy Ehrhart

The sixth book, Knit of the Living Dead, is set at Hallowe’en. Some say they are wearing certain costumes, then at the last minute they change, but someone ends up dead. Did the killer think the person in the costume was someone else? Is the yarn tied around the neck a clue? Pamela and Bettina working on solving the murder.

Knit & Nibble Mysteries by Peggy Ehrhart

These books are cozy mysteries, light and easy to read, stop, pick up, read a bit more etc. Each one includes a simple knitting pattern and a recipe.

Knit & Nibble Mysteries by Peggy Ehrhart

Knitty Gritty Murder, 7th is the series is the next to download and read. This post shares the first books in the series that I read.

The fishtail lace scarf is all finished and I’m working on a couple of one stitch lace scarves. These will most likely be donations to different organizations, as with the start of the ‘ber’ or ‘brrr’ months is is getting more chilly and soon scarves will be needed. I’ll share the completed scarves and patterns soon.

knitting one stitch/drop stitch scarves at

For the nibbling part I made some gluten free chocolate chip cookies. It is always best to enjoy a cup of tea and a nibble while reading.

making gluten free chocolate chip cookies at

Time to join Book Date.

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  1. Linda

    It all sounds lovely and cosy, the scarves are lovely and as for the cookies I could just eat one right now. Have a relaxing Sunday. xx

    • Crafty Gardener

      I’ve finished the last book, so on to find another series. It’s a rainy Monday, but should be clearing soon. My knitted scarf is nearly finished, and the second one will get my attention soon.

  2. Kathy Martin

    Looks like a cute series. Happy reading!

  3. Debbie-Dabble

    The cookies look yummy , the scarves will come in handy soon and the book series look interesting!! Thanks so much for stopping by!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  4. Myrtle Thomas

    I seemed to have missed this post, Linda. I kind of chuckled reading the headings and pictures on the books. I am sure they would be good books to read. Looking forward to seeing the scarves you are reading. It sure is chilly here, oh the sun just made an appearance, for how long, hard to say.

  5. Margy

    Sounds like a fun series. I read on Facebook that Mike Martin has another new book in the works. I’m not sure when it is going to get published. Thanks for introducing me to that series. It’s been fun to read and remember our trips to Newfoundland. – Margy

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