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I started a new series of mystery books by Peggy Ehrhart. Currently there are 7 books in the series.

Knit & Nibble Mysteries by Peggy Ehrhart

The Knit & Nibble mystery series features Pamela, Penny, Bettina, Catrina (the cat) and the members of the knitting group.

Knit & Nibble Mysteries by Peggy Ehrhart

Pamela Paterson, an associate editor of a craft magazine, is the founder of the Knit & Nibble group that does exactly what the group title says, it meets to knit and then always at 8 o’clock they break to nibble on goodies provided by the host that week.

The first book sees Pamela invite an old friend, Amy, to the group but she never arrives. At the end of the meeting Pamela finds Amy dead in her front garden stabbed with a knitting needle.

Knit & Nibble Mysteries by Peggy Ehrhart

The third book sees the knitting group getting new members. One is Caralee who wants to learn to knit as she is part of the production of Tale of Two Cities. A suspicious accident in the theatre claims her life. Her knitting has a series of morse code letters in it, and Pamela and Bettina try to solve the mystery of her murder. As is in most cases, another murder is also committed before the person responsible is discovered.

Knit & Nibble Mysteries by Peggy Ehrhart

The 4th book has Penny home from college for Christmas, and she discovers the body of a murdered craft store owner. More sleuthing goes on over the holidays.

Knit & Nibble Mysteries by Peggy Ehrhart

I haven’t been able to get hold of the second book yet, but I’m on the lookout for it along with the rest of the series. I’ve discovered them as ebooks so will be requesting them soon.

Knit & Nibble Mysteries by Peggy Ehrhart

For my Knit and Nibble – I’ve been knitting on the Close to You shawlette/scarf. It is a lot further along than this photo and I’ll be sharing the finished item soon.

Close to You shawlette/scarf at

And the Nibble part has included some gluten free brownies. This time I used a mix but you can use the recipe and just substitute all purpose gluten free flour ( I use Robin Hood) for the regular flour. If you are gluten free you don’t have to invest in new cookery books, because most time you can substitute.

making gluten free brownies at

Don’t keep it a mystery, what did you read, knit and nibble?

Time to join Book Date.

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  1. Linda

    Oh yes I do all three, those books look great and have gone onto my reading list. The brownies look pretty good too. Have a peaceful Sunday.xx

  2. Myrtle

    Linda, each and every series you have posted and read, or reading would be right up my alley. I think I still have a couple of books I bought yet to read. Happy reading.

  3. Debbie-Dabble

    They sound like interesting books and enjoyable reading!! I was on a roll reading Sue Grafton’s Alphabet series but then it seemed like I just got so busy that I can’t find time for it…But I will have to make a pint of it!! Thanks so much for stopping by!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  4. Patricia

    What a fun looking series! I enjoy Betty Hechtman’s crochet mystery series. I love the term, “knit and nibble”! So creative! Your photos are inspiring to read, craft and eat yummy foods! Take good care!

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