Scarves: Crest of the Wave

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Knitting is relaxing (for me at least).  I know many of you will say you can’t knit for love or money and following a pattern gives you a headache.  I learned to knit at a very early age and have remembrances of knitting in primary school in England.  It was probably just one of those sample squares full of uneven stitches, holes that appeared from no where, rows of varying lengths and it didn’t end up looking like a square at all.

I really didn’t start to knit earnestly till I was pregnant with our first child back in 1976.   Those tiny baby booties were the first item that got me hooked on knitting.  And I’ve been knitting ever since.

This pattern is Crest of the Wave that I found on Ravelry in a pdf download.  There is one row of pattern that alternates with a purl row (4 times) and then 4 knit rows.  It is easy enough to remember so that I can knit while I watch some of my favourite shows on television.

knitted scarf at

I always use my row counter to keep track, even with the simplest of patterns. That way I can pick up right after I left off, no matter how long I leave the knitting.

making row counters at

With the counter all you need to do is move the bead down and it automatically stays in place. This row counter will count single rows to 9, groups of 10 to 90 and then hundreds. I also have row counters that just include single rows and rows of 10.

~needle & hook accessories~

knitted scarf at

The finished Crest of the Waves scarf is about 135 cm long and about 18 cm wide. I used sock yarn and 5 mm needles (your choice of straight or circular)

knitted scarf at

You can see where it got its name from … the waves that form as you are knitting. I think this scarf would be lovely in shades of blues to truly represent the waves.

~Shawls and scarves I’ve made~

a yarn line

How about you … do you love to knit? What is your latest project?

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  1. Vondean Erickson

    This is beautiful and will try it one of these days. The weather is so warm here do not feel like knitting or crocheting scarves. I have two sisters back home would really enjoy getting one of these.
    I spend so much of my time reading so should get with doing something constructive.
    Take care

  2. Myrtle Thomas

    I love the pattern of the scarf and would be easy to do Linda

    It is another rainy day here and chilly!

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