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This cozy mystery series is by Frances Brody, set in the 1920’s in England, features Kate Shackleton as a private investigator.  

A Kate Shackleton Mystery by Frances Brody

Kate, a widow whose husband is presumed dead in the war, undertakes finding missing persons. She also uses her skills as an amateur photographer to help her with the enquiries. Jim Sykes is her assistant.

Kate Shackleton mysteries by Frances Brody

The books usually involve intricate plotting, post WW1 reminiscing, and unusual cases of murder.

Kate Shackleton mysteries by Frances Brody

I recently borrowed the 12th book in this series, Murder is in the Air which was published in 2020. Kate and Jim are hired by William Lofthouse, owner of Barleycorn Breweries, to look into the accounts side of things as they were going through an uneven patch. One of his employees, Ruth Parnaby, has earned the title of Brewery Queen, there is a missing drayman, and there is a dead body. Natural death or murder? It seems there is one mystery after another to solve.

Kate Shackleton mysteries by Frances Brody

This is the last Kate Shackleton book for awhile but hopefully she will be back with a new book later next year in 2022.

Kate Shackleton mysteries by Frances Brody

The author, Frances Brody as has some stand alone books and towards the end of 2021 is the start of a new series, Brackerley Prison mystery. I’m looking forward to the new series and hoping our library will be ordering them.

Time for a Book Date.

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