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The Fethering Mysteries is a series of books written by Simon Brett.  So far there are 20 books in this series which I have been reading over the last couple of years.

Jude and Carole, who are unlikely neighbours and friends, are the 2 sleuths that solve all sort of mysteries around the little village of Fethering, in Sussex on the south coast of England.  Carole is a retired civil servant from the Home Office and Jude, a healer,  keeps her past in the past.  You get the impression she has had a lively and colourful past by  the little bits that are revealed over the series of books.

Carole Seddon is the sensible one and Jude is the unpredictable, bohemian one. I’m not certain if her last name is ever mentioned in the books. A bit more of the mystery that surrounds her.

The Feathering Mysteries by Simon Brett

The 15th book sees Jude participating in a local amateur play and the lead actor is found hanging on the stage, hence the title of the book. Was this a stunt gone wrong or was he murdered? What is fake and what is real is what Jude and Carole set out to discover.

The Feathering Mysteries by Simon Brett

In the 16th book, the sleuths take a holiday in Turkey. Jude is offered the use of a villa for free from a former property developer/lover. After much thought Carole decided she will go on this trip and they discover a nosy neighbour, an overbearing former lover and a murder. How are they all connected?

The Feathering Mysteries by Simon Brett

The Killing in the Cafe, #17 in the series, is set in Polly’s Cake Shop. The owner of this very popular cafe is about to retire and the community wants to save it and make it a community place. Carole and Jude discover a body on the Feathering beach, find its links to the cafe, and then set about to find the killer. Will the cake shop by saved?

The Feathering Mysteries by Simon Brett

I turned old playing cards into bookmarks and frequently tuck one inside library book or books from the little free libraries. I also make all sorts of other bookmarks for the numerous books I own and borrow to read.

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To get the full enjoyment from this series I recommend that you read the books in order, even though you can read each as a stand alone book. I love to follow the development of the characters, connect with other characters that have been in previous books, and see how the friendship of Carole and Jude develops. I’ve just got 2 more to read to complete the series

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