Rainbows Give Hope

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Many people are putting rainbows of hope in their windows, to show we are all in this Covid lockdown together. You can find many places for inspiration and patterns for rainbows.

a rainbow seen at craftygardener.ca

Rainbows are very often seen during or after a rain storm, especially if the sun has been shining. They represent the hope and good luck and motivate us to know that beauty and good come after something bad. It is an arc connecting parts of the world and you never know, perhaps the pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow.

a rainbow made with plastic canvas and lacing from craftygardener.ca
a rainbow made from plastic canvas and lacing when I was a Brownie leader, see more ideas for Brownies and Guides

I decided to paint a rainbow on a rock to display in my garden.

During this time of social distancing we are discouraged from hiding and finding rocks, but I thought if it was placed in the garden, people walking by would see it and hopefully it will bring a smile to their face. I will probably paint some rainbows on smaller rocks to hide once this is all over.

painting a rainbow rock at craftygardener.ca

A rock of any size will do. The rock I chose is about 30 cm x 25 cm (12×10 inches). I lined up the 7 colours of the rainbow I was going to use, and then painted a strip the width of each colour onto the rock. Patience is required while it dries.

painting a rainbow rock at craftygardener.ca

When it is sealed and dry it will go out into the garden.

painting a rainbow rock at craftygardener.ca

I wish it hadn’t been quite so pointed for the last arc of colour. So I took the rock and flipped it over and started again, this time from the bottom up.

painting a rainbow rock at craftygardener.ca

It still needs some work once this layer is dried, but I’ll get it finished today and share another photo of it outside. The rainbow curve has been flattened. Are you flattening the curve?

painting a rainbow rock at craftygardener.ca

All finished and sealed and on display outside with the boots and bumbershoots.

The storm will be weathered, and a rainbow will appear overhead. Stay strong, stay safe.

Be sure to have a look at my rock projects and see all the other types of rocks I’ve painted.

Catch a smile, share a smile

catch a smile, share a smile at craftygardener.ca
garden line

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7 Responses

  1. Margy

    Hearts, rainbows, clapping, drive-by birthday wishes – we are doing many things to brighten everyone’s spirits. – Margy

    • Crafty Gardener

      We had a driveway visit for the celebration of Murray’s birthday last Monday, lovely to see the grandkids if even from a distance.

  2. Margie

    I’ve always been a fan of rainbows!

    I’m going on my 4th week of physical distancing. I’m an introvert so I’m happy to stay at home.

    • Crafty Gardener

      We are happy at home too, really enjoying the garden and I’ve got all sorts of cleaning jobs done inside the house.

  3. Margy

    When I was a kid I was a Campfire Girl. I don’t think that organization exists in Canada. We also had Girl Scouts and Brownies. We all wore our uniforms to school on meeting day. – Margy

  4. Julie

    Gorgeous. Here in the UK we are all putting rainbows in our windows for kids to spot when they are getting their exercise. We are allowed out for daily exercise here, as long as we stay locally.

  5. Michelle

    I love this! It is happy & hopeful!

    Thank you for sharing with Creative Compulsions!

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