Flopping and Dropping

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There is so much blooming in the garden right now.  I call the poppies and peonies the floppy beauties.   We seem to wait forever for them to open and then after a few days they are flopping and dropping.  The red and pink petals are covering the ground.  Thank goodness the camera can capture and save these blooms forever.

The Sarah Bernhardt peonies that were planted in 2012 have been amazing this year.  I’ve counted 16 blooms all open at once.

The ants were having a merry time crawling over the buds.

peony bud with ants, https://craftygardener.ca

The buds were pink on the outside but when they open they are almost white inside.

peony bloom

The poppies have been in the garden for many years when a few were dug from a friend’s garden.  They spread rapidly and their underground roots seem to get into places you wouldn’t expect.  I frequently give lots of these away.

poppy bud in macro

From the hairy casing to a dark red bud, the poppy is emerging.

poppy bloom dropping petals

The get floppy very quickly and start to loose their petals.   The centre of the poppy is where you will find the seeds.

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