Female Cardinal in the Snow

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The snow on the weekend gave lots of wonderful photo opportunities.  One of which was the female cardinal.

These photos were taken while she was sitting on the baffle that we recently installed.  Usually the seed from the feeders above will slide right off but with the snow accumulated on the baffle it was also catching the seed.  We had between 11 and 15 cm. depending on the newspaper or the radio station we listened to.


It was a cold morning and the wind was ruffling her feathers.  There was still a bit of snow coming down and you can see it settling on her back.


Digging into the snow gave the reward of some black oil sunflower seed.


Wonderful colours!


Other feathered lens friends were checking out the baffle too.  Along with the female cardinal there were goldfinches, sparrows and juncos.

It is snowing again this morning, perhaps about 5 cm, and it is accumulating fairly quickly.


lots more lens friends

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