Soaking up the Sun

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On a cold and windy day the mourning doves will find a spot in the sun and settle down to some sun bathing.

This shot is a bit blurry as I saw the doves through the window and snapped a photo without moving too much as I didn’t want to miss the photo opportunity.


Luckily for me they didn’t move and I was able to move the tripod and zoom in for better photos.  Doves are year round visitors and can frequently be heard cooing in various areas of the garden.


I’m not sure I would want to settle down into a pillow of snow, but the doves do it all the time.


The round black eyes look like they are glued on.


Just look at the detail on those feathers.  The feathers are muted shades of beige and some grey with the male and female being similar in appearance. 


This dove was persistent and dug for some seed in the flat feeder a day or so ago.  We had received a bit of snow overnight … just a cm or two but enough to cover everything in a blanket of white.


Now the feeder is clear of snow and they can enjoy a snack in the sun.


There is a huge storm system moving into southern Ontario today and tomorrow and we are expected to get lots and lots and lots of snow!


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