Enjoying the Peanuts

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The bluejays, who are year round visitors to the garden, have certainly been enjoying the peanuts lately.  They peck and look, peck and look, all the time.  The quick movement of the head meant I had a lot of blurry photos.

Just look at all the varying poses it has while on the feeder.


Blue jays belong to the Corvidae family native to North America. The Corvidae family also includes crows, magpies, rooks, jackdaws, and nutcrackers and others (up to 100 varieties).


Blue jays can be 30 cm. long and their brilliant blue colour is sometimes a trick of the light.  The markings on the bluejays are wonderful … whites, blues, blacks.  I’ve collected many feathers from the bluejays over the years.


Bluejays are wonderful lens friends to photograph.

Did you see the bluejay get the peanut mail?

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