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Several years ago we converted an old rural mailbox into a bird feeder.   We had put it down on an old tree stump and put a few peanuts in it thinking the chipmunk would like it, but to our surprise the bluejays started going into it to get the peanut mail.

bluejay at the mailbox feeder at

It should of been no surprise that the bluejays would source out the peanuts.  So we mounted the old mailbox onto a post and set it up as a permanent feeder station.

Here is the bluejay swooping into the mailbox.  I love this photo as it shows the wings in flight.

And ready to take off with its peanut mail.  This feeder attracts bluejays in all seasons.

They will even wait their turn to pick up the mail.

Checking to see if there is any peanut mail left.

bluejay peanut mail

It is worth the wait.

the squirrel in the mailbox feeder at
squirrel enjoying the peanuts

The mailbox feeder was in this location for several years and became a very busy spot for the bluejays and then the squirrels discovered it. I’m not sure we could ever stop the squirrel from snacking in the mailbox feeder.

the shed garden at
shed garden 2019

As usually happens we decide to change things around. In the spring of 2019 we edged the windmill garden where the mailbox feeder was and it was in the way of the edging. So it got moved to a new location by the shed. A new taller post was added and sunk into the ground. It didn’t take the bluejays long to find the new location and I’m sure the squirrels will be finding it soon. Right now the squirrels are busy eating all the black walnut nuts they can find so they are leaving the peanuts alone.

squirrel eating hickory nuts at

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15 Responses

  1. Robin

    I love this Linda, what a great use for an old mailbox!

  2. Myrtle

    I love the blue jays, we have lots here and Dana puts peanuts out on her little deck . I have a feeder on the clothesline that has lots of sunflower seeds so they visit often. The squirrels will seek them out for sure as will the chippies. Like the mailbox feeder Linda.

  3. Margy

    If you can believe it, our city council is going to vote on a proposal to make it illegal to have a bird feeder within the city limits. The only exception would be a hummingbird feeder. What I hear is that it is to discourage bears from coming into town. We’ll know more after the upcoming meeting. I understand there is a contingent attending the meeting to express opposition. – Margy

    • Crafty Gardener

      I can see where the council is coming from, to stop bears from entering the community, but I can also see how beneficial feeding birds can be. Wonder if there is a happy medium?

  4. Lorrie

    It’s a lot of fun to have bird feeders to attract birdlife to the garden. We enjoy seeing ours. The mailbox conversion is a great idea. We try to not have anything squirrels can access, because if squirrels can get it, so can the rats and we don’t want that!

  5. David Gascoigne

    A very creative use for an old mailbox. Too bad the birds now have competition for the nuts from those pesky squirrels.

  6. Joy

    HI Linda .. love your idea and also surprised that the Jays will go into an almost dark tunnel to get those peanuts ! Their trust is amazing !
    They are such characters .. we have a particular little group that are pretty darn polite … they call each other in when one sees the nuts are there, they wait their turn, and allow picky Jays to “weigh” each peanut to make sure they are getting the heaviest ? do you see yours doing this funny trick too ? it makes us laugh ! .. We feed them on a raised tray on my little froggy dish (which got knocked over at one time because of their enthusiasm ?) .. and yes, we have one determined black squirrel that sneaks in for a nut or two if he can get away with it.
    We love seeing all the little wildlife souls in the back garden .. makes our days for sure.

    • Crafty Gardener

      Hi Joy, how are you keeping? The bluejays have been around in large numbers lately, and they love the peanut mail box and don’t seem to be bothered about going inside. Mind you they do it quickly. I’m sure there is always one on guard and as soon as the feeders are filled they squawk and squawk to let their friends know.

    • Crafty Gardener

      Hi Diane, The mailbox feeder is set up right in camera view, so that we don’t miss those photos. Hope you are having some nice weather in Florida, and you are getting out enjoying your walks. Have a lovely day.

  7. Eileen


    What a cute and creative way to recycle the old mailbox. I love the post too. The face decorations in the garden are cute. Great series of photos. Sorry, I am late visiting your post. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your critters. I hope you have a happy day and weekend ahead.

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