Making a Pinecone Feeder

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Here is a quick and easy bird feeder for the kids and grandkids to make.

You need a pinecone, string, lard, peanut butter, and some bird seed.  The bigger the pinecone the better as you will be able to get more food all over it.

a pinecone feeder at

This is a good way to use up those not so perfect pinecones you collected.  Tie the string, I use butcher cord, around each pinecone and knot tightly.  Be sure to use a longer piece of string so that it can be joined at the end to form a loop to hang over the tree branch.

a pinecone feeder at

Melt equal parts of lard and peanut butter in a glass bowl in the microwave.  The amount depends on how many pinecones you want to cover.  Mix in the bird seed and then spread, glob, or press the mixture all over the pinecone.  Use your hands and your fingers can push it into all the little crevices of the pinecone.

a pinecone feeder at

 It makes a great little feeder without going to the expense of buying a special feeder for the suet.  I hang them from the branches or wedge them in-between the crook of the branches.  This little junco nibbled away and then along came some sparrows, chickadees and even the woodpecker had to check out this little feeder.

a pinecone suet feeder at

Put them in several trees and the birds will come in no time.  These feeders are best made in the cold weather as the mixture stays solid.  If they are in a sunny location or it gets too warm they get very sticky.

Bird feeders and bird food recipes I’ve made

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a birch log suet feeder at
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birch log feeder    post feeder

bluejays at the coconut suet feeder at
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coconut feeder     mesh feeder


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