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My alphabetical gardening posts have reached Q this week.  It has been a challenge to find things that start with this letter, but with a bit of creativity and searching the photo archives I came up with some things.

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Our garden is in the Bay of Quinte region.  This is a gorgeous part of the province of Ontario with lots of attractions within driving distance.  When we aren’t gardening one of our favourite things to do is walk by the bay.

Bay of Quinte, Ontario, Canada

The garden is a quiet place to sit and relax.  The Muskoka chairs are set up in a shady part of the garden where we can sit and enjoy the blooms and listen to the birds.  It’s a great spot to sit with the camera and capture photos of the birds.

a quiet spot to relax at craftygardener.ca

The only plant I have starting with Q is Queen Anne’s Lace.  It grows in some of the wild parts towards the back of the garden.

queen anne lace growing at craftygardener.ca
Queen Anne’s Lace

I’m a rock collector and am always looking for interesting ones to add to the garden.  Many of them have quartz throughout.  Quartz is one of the best known minerals and is found in many rocks.

rocks with quarts in them at craftygardener.ca
quartz in rocks

My search for Q alphabet letters has also been a challenge.  I didn’t have anything in the photo archives so went hunting in the garden.  I finally settled on two images, not exactly q but if you stretch your imagination a bit you can see the letter.

finding Q at craftygardener.ca

I’m continuing to add to my personal alphabet with Q.

Q – quiet, quilter,

Little Red is right at home in the garden and very quick at running around and up and down the trees.  But every now and then he/she takes a rest.  I captured this shot as he/she is at rest on the deck railing one sunny day.

Little Red at craftygardener.ca
Little Red

The garden can be a quiet place, with quick moving critters. It is the place to spend some quality time..

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  1. Myrtle

    You did an amazing job with your Q garden finds. You do have a lovely place to sit in your garden, Like the photo of Bay of Quinte. Love the photo of Red taking a rest on your deck railing. have a good day Linda

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