B for Bluejays

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The bluejays are year round visitors to our garden feeders.  They mainly feed on nuts and seeds.  They love mailbox feeder which we fill will peanuts.  These birds certainly let you know when they are arriving in the garden.  I’m not sure if the loud squawks are meant to scare the smaller birds away from the feeders or just to announce that they are there.

bluejays visiting craftygardener.ca

Blue jays belong to the Corvidae family native to North America.

bluejays visiting craftygardener.ca

The corvidae family also includes crows, magpies, rooks, jackdaws, and others (up to 100 varieties). This family of birds have been found in fossils about 25 million years old.

bluejays visiting craftygardener.ca

Blue jays can be 30 cm. long and its brilliant blue colour is sometimes a trick of the light. Males and females are very similar in appearance. A surprised blue jay will point its crest forwards, while a frightened blue jay has its crest bristled out.

bluejays visiting craftygardener.ca

The shades of blue and the markings on the tail feathers is wonderful.  Their bellies are grayish to white. They are one of our favourite lens friends to photograph.

bluejays visiting craftygardener.ca


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