Sewing: Christmas Tea

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Crafty is being craf-tea.

When it comes time to mail out your Christmas cards,  why not include a cup of Christmas tea to share with your family and friends that are far away. This is a simple, sewing craft  to send some holiday cheer.  This takes up very little space inside the card and usually doesn’t add to the cost of the postage.

Christmas tea at

Take one of your favourite tea bags. My favourite is Stash tea as it comes individually wrapped and fits so nicely into my tea chest.  You can buy many varieties of Christmas tea, which usually come 18 or 20 packets in a box.

You can purchase all sorts of Christmas material and a half meter will be plenty to make some of these lettile bags.

Christmas tea at

I cut my material about 8 cm. wide and about 20 cm. long.  Put right sides together and sew the side seams. I use a zig zag stitch with tends to cut down on the seams fraying.  Fold over the top twice tucking in the raw edge and stitch.  Turn the little bag inside out and press flat.  Tuck the teabag inside and tie with a bit of festive ribbon.  I created the tag on one of the various programs I have on the computer.  The poem is not my original one but one that was found on various craft sites on the internet.  If you don’t have access to a sewing machine these little bags can also be made quickly and easily with some hand sewing.

Then on Christmas Day you can make your cup of tea and your friend can make one too, and you can both sit down at the same time and enjoy your tea and some lovely memories of when you were together. Maybe you can even do FaceTime together.

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