The Tea Time Tree

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Saylor House, built around 1875 is a wonderful cafe in Bloomfield, Ontario with a lot of history.  Walking down the driveway takes you to the cafe in what was originally the drive shed.  Here you can sit and enjoy your meal inside or out on the deck or at one of the several tables in the garden.

Saylor House Cafe in Bloomfield, Ontario

One of the additions to their garden this year was a tea tree.  They had taken tea cups, jugs, teapots and bowls and tied them with ribbon to some of the trees.  You know how I love garden whimsy, and I just had to try this idea out in my garden.

Be sure to visit the Saylor House website and if you are in Bloomfield, Ontario why not stop by for some delicious food.  The town is a shopping destination and you will love all the quaint stores.

This is my inspiration.  One tree is by the front entrance to the cafe and the other is a tree in the garden.  What fun to sit at a table under this tree and enjoy a cup of tea.

Saylor House Cafe in Bloomfield, Ontario

The honeysuckle shrub needed some trimming and we decided it was the perfect spot to create my own tea time tree.  So out came the ribbon box and I rummaged through the cupboards to find the treasures I had been collecting from the thrift stores for 25 cents and other tea items that I don’t use for one reason or another.

the tea time tree at

Along with the tea items there is a wind chime and my Canada flag hanging in the honeysuckle garden, the spiral twirler, and the clay pot lighthouse off to one side. This is the same honeysuckle shrub that I used for a year of tree following to track the progress.

the tea time tree at

You might remember the crochet teacups I made for my tea thyme planter that I made at the beginning of the season.

the tea thyme cup planter at
teacup line

Crafty is craf-tea

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