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It’s time to get craf-tea! Let’s turn an old teacup and saucer into a floating teacup. These are so pretty that you’ll want to make more than one. This is not my original idea but one that I saw on a crafting site.

making a floating teacup at

You need:

  • a teacup
  • a saucer
  • a fork
  • artificial flowers
  • glue gun
  • wire cutters
  • pliers for bending

The saucer and cup don’t necessarily have to be an identical match as a lot of the saucer will be covered in with the artificial flowers. Mine didn’t match exactly. You might notice the fork has been bent in the above photo so that it can be glued onto the cup and saucer. It kind of looks like a Z. You can also use wire for this part if you wish.

making a floating teacup at

Carefully glue the bent fork into place using the glue gun. I also added a bit of E600 glue to give it extra hold. The glue gun dries right away but the E6000 takes awhile, so the glue gun holds it in place.

making a floating teacup at

Don’t worry about the glue showing or even the fork as it will get covered over with the artificial flowers and greenery. Choose your colour theme, most likely to match the cup and saucer and add the blooms. I also added a little bird to the top just to add a bit more whimsy.

making a floating teacup at

It looks really nice from all angles. I’ll be hunting through thrift stores and garage sales for some more cups and saucers.

making a floating teacup at

Next I used a smaller teacup and saucer (about 12 cm wide) and instead of a fork I used a piece of copper wire. You can see it bent into shape in the image below.

making a floating teacup at

The piece that goes on the saucer had a couple of bends in it to make sure it sat straight when glued one. Using a fork limited the height, but using the copper wire gave me more choice on the height. Remember that the glue that shows will be covered up by the greenery and flowers you add.

making a floating teacup at

Another little bird was glued onto the top of the cup for a bit of extra whimsy.

making a floating teacup at

The teacup in the second one was noticeably smaller than the first one. It came from a set of three purchased from the thrift store for $1. I think they are cappuccino cups. Both turned out really cute.

making a floating teacup at

This isn’t something I would put outside, unless in a well protected area and out of the sun or for a short period of time during a special occassion. The flowers would fade after a while and it really isn’t that heavy so it could blow over easily.

I’m sharing my craf-tea idea with Funky Junk, The Really Crafty Link Party, and Creative Crafts.

teacup line

Crafty is craf-tea

14 Responses

  1. LINDA

    What a fabulous idea! I can’t wait for the charity shops to re open one of them near me has a huge selection of pretty cups and saucers that would be ideal for this, I’m thinking crochet flowers would look good for this too ??

    • Crafty Gardener

      Now why didn’t I think of using crochet flowers, and what a good way to use up scraps. Great idea. Enjoy the weekend.

  2. Myrtle

    The floating teacups are very, very pretty Linda. I can see with the right items needed they would be easy to assemble.

  3. Marie B.

    Oh my goodness, I love your floating teacups! I have old flatware and teacups and saucers so this is definitely happening at our house. Thank you for the inspiration.

  4. Margie

    Love this!!! What a great way to repurpose old teacups and saucers. I miss hunting for teawares and really hope that we’ll be able to hit the yard sales again this summer….

  5. Ann Butler

    I LOVE this idea, I collect cups & saucers and happen to have a few that have a chip or are mismatched and this is a wonderful idea to do with them…thanks for the inspiration! Your project is my pick to be featured from last weeks Linky Party, so be sure and stop by Wednesday to check it out and add another project! ~ Ann

  6. Beth

    Love this sweet project, Linda! We will be featuring your project this week over at the Creative Crafts Linky Party starting Wednesday. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week!
    Creatively, Beth

  7. allotment2kitchen

    Wow, this is such a sweet and lovely idea. It makes me all fuzzy inside

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