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I started a new series of books by Vannetta Chapman, the Shipshewana Amish mystery series.  It is set in Shipsewana, Indinana, USA and introduces Deborah and her family and her friends’ families of the Amish community and Callie, the English girl who moves to the area after her aunt dies.

Shipshewana Amish Mystery Series by Vannetta Chapman

The first book, Falling to Pieces, introduced all the characters … Deborah, Melinda, Esther and their Amish families and Callie Harper who inherits Daisy’ Quilt store after the death of her aunt.

Callie arrives in town after the death of her aunt, at first just to tie up loose ends and then move on.  But circumstances happened and she ended up staying and running the quilt store.  The three Amish friends make gorgeous quilts and Daisy used to sell them in her quilt store.  Deborah arrived at the quilt store with some more to sell and she had an idea to sell them online and wanted Callie to help her set it up.  The Amish people don’t use technology so that is why she needed Callie to handle the transactions.   Unfortunately the editor of the local paper decided Callie was doing this against Deborah’s will and wrote a nasty editorial about it.  Callie, of course, wanted a retraction, and then things turned for the worst when the editor was murdered.  Naturally the suspicion fell on Callie.  Deborah and Callie work together to catch the real killer.

Shipshewana Amish Mystery Series by Vannetta Chapman

The second book, a Perfect Square, involves another suspected murder of a young Amish girl from another community.  The girl was found in Reuben’s pond. Once again the wrong person is accused, and just like piecing a quilt together, Callie and Deborah pier together the events to solve he tragedy.

Shipshewana Amish Mystery Series by Vannetta Chapman

The third book, Material Witness, the owner of the other quilt shop in town is found dead in Callie’s front garden.  One of Melinda’s boys was the only witness.  The police decide that it was Callie that was the intended victim.  Masked identities, quilts with hidden messages, someone determined to get money, Max the dog, and the friendship of the 3 Amish women and Callie provide a story full of danger, intrigue and even a bit of romance as the killer is uncovered.

I really enjoyed this series of books.  If you like books about family values, intrigue, a bit of crafting and the solving of mysteries you will too.

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