Ladder Planter

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For a few years I’ve used an old wooden step ladder as a planter in the garden.  It has gone through many changes and locations.  This year it actually started out by the trellis garden and I had some hyacinth bean vines growing up one side.  But now that it is time to start cleaning up the garden I moved the ladder planter up to a spot on the deck.

the ladder planter

I also call this the tea thyme ladder as when I had it in the garden I had a large clump of thyme growing underneath it and all the plants are in old teacups, teapots, or kettles.  A couple of years ago my husband cut me strips of wood to fit between the rungs of the ladder and the back support.  This enlarged the display area.

the ladder planter

A closer look at the top of the ladder shows the never ending cup of tea, some cups with hens & chicks, a soup mug with mossy stonecrop and an old tea kettle with trailing stonecrop.

There is lots more of the same in the middle section.  Do you see the little stack of teapot lids?  They were left over after making the teapot totem so I just stacked them and they created their own little leaning tower.

Now you can see the teapot totem at the bottom along with other old containers for planting in.  Little ornaments have been added to the various shelves.

The ladder is always evolving as I move things around and add more plants and ornaments.  I rather like it in this location and will probably set it up this way next year.

See how the ladder planter evolved.

teacup line

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