Red Shafted Flicker

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On our trip to British Columbia, Canada in November 2011 we were fascinated to see many different species of birds.
Here are some photos of the red shafted flicker that frequently visited our daughter’s garden.
We first spotted the flicker sitting on a fence post at the back of the garden.  Just look at all those spots on its belly.  He looked very much like the flickers we have here in Ontario, but a bit of searching in the bird books told me that the red shafted ones live in Western Canada and the yellow shafted flickers are the ones we see in Ontario.
It came in closer and onto the feeder pole and then I could see the red on its tail and rump.
There is also a tinge of red on the wing edges.  Usually we see flickers in ones or twos but out there they came in a farily large flock to eat off the ground and attempt to eat out of the feeders.  This bird was spotted on our November 2011 trip.

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