Removable Hanger Covers

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Over the long and hot summer I did some crochet sitting in the shady spots in the garden.  One of the most popular posts on my site is the crochet covered coat hangers and it seems no matter the time of year folks are always hunting for this pattern.  I decided to change the pattern up a bit this time and make them removable with ribbon or velcro.

I made the two halves of the pattern, a printable version can be found here. A visitor to my site  mentioned ages ago that she did her own adjustment to the pattern to make them removable.  I finally got around to making my own version.

Make the two halves of the pattern and slip them onto the hanger and find some co-ordinating ribbon.  I just slipped the ribbon between the spaces of each half at the top and tied it together and then did the same at the bottom.

removable crochet covered coat hangers at

The second way I came up with was to use velcro.  You can buy strips or packets of round velcro at craft and dollar stores.  For this cover I chose to use the round velcro putting the fuzzy circle on one side and the loop circle on the other side.  I then proceeded to do the same on the bottom.  These velcro circles are sticky but if you take the covers off to wash I’m not sure how much sticky would remain so I think a few stitches to hold them in place would be a good idea.

removable crochet covered coat hangers at

Here are both the hangers with the removable covers.  They don’t look much different to the original ones I made and if you think you will need to wash the hanger covers then this is the way to go.  The one with the velcro looks just about the same as if the halves were stitched together.

removable crochet covered coat hangers at

Then while making another one using my stash of yarn I discovered I didn’t have enough yarn to do both parts of the cover in the same colour.  As my aim was to use up the stash I decided to hunt for a co-ordinating colour and combine the two.

crochet covered coat hangers in multi colours at

For the blue multi one I did 8 rounds in the main colour, then 4 in the second colour and the last 2 in the main colour. Do you notice a little oopsie I did on one side of the blue hanger? I didn’t notice it till I uploaded the photo to this post.

For the green multi one I did the first 9 rounds in the main colour, then the next 4 rounds in a co-ordinating colour and the last row in the main colour and I managed to get both sides the same.

You are only limited by your own imagination and could do various combinations.  When I get down to really small balls of my stash yarn I just might make one with every round a different colour.

removable and multi coloured crochet hanger covers at

The multi hanger covers are stitched on just like in the original pattern and the maroon ones have removable hangers (tied and velcro).  These hanger covers are a great way to use up some stash yarn.  Have you made these yet?

Thanks to a visitor to my site, WeeBeastie, I now know this pattern was published in Annie’s Crochet Newsletter, Nov-Dec, 1989 and designed by  Patricia Hilbern.  Another visitor, Jennie, told me she had a pattern published in Hooked on Crochet March/April 1988, this slightly different one by Carolyn Paske.  Thank you for sharing this information with me ladies.  Both of those patterns are slightly different to my pattern.

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