Scarf Storage

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Do you love to accessorize with chiffon scarves – But have a difficult time storing them?

I’ve got a storage solution for those slippery scarves.

I had tried folding them and putting them in a drawer, but then you tend to forget about them, and when you take out one you tend to mess up the others. I tried just hanging the scarves over the coathanger. But even though they are very light they still tended to slip to one side or the other. While chatting with a friend she mentioned her mom had added loops to a coathanger to make a great storage area for scarves.

And that little bell went off inside my head, like it probably does in yours when you hear a good idea. And a voice said to me, “Hey, you can do that too!”

So I did!

scarf storage at

I took one of my braided covered coat hangers and stitched small loops on the bottom.  This time I used some plastic curtain rings that I had in my craft stash. But you could use whatever works for you or even some ribbon loops. You could also add loops on the slanted sides of the hanger too. More loops would mean more storage. That could mean more shopping for scarves.

scarf storage at

Now the scarves can be displayed in a colourful way and it is so easy to slip of the one you want. I think this would make a great little gift, along with a scarf or two.

scarf storage at

I have started to add some loops onto the bottom of a covered coathanger I have. I also think that on this type of hanger you could add the loops over the body of the hanger.

scarf storage at

Hm-m-m now what else could be stored on these loops besides scarves? I’ve got some ideas but how about you? Let me know what you come up with.

Did you see my other idea for scarf storage?

sewing line

Other ideas for coat hangers.

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