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Here is another way of covering plastic coathangers that I created.  This is a simple crochet method and doesn’t take long at all to complete.  The fiddly part is joining it around the hanger, especially where the hooks are and where the corners are.   I decided to leave the hanger hook free so that it hangs better in the closet.  For this hanger cover I used a variegated Red Heart yarn and a 5 mm crochet hook.

covering coat hangers with a long crochet strip at
covering coat hangers with a long crochet strip at

This is a wonderful way to stop clothes from slipping of those plastic hangers.


-Red Heart yarn or an yarn of similar weight
-a 5 mm crochet hook
-tapestry needle
This is my own original pattern and my not be posted anywhere without permission.  Please share the link


Start by crocheting a chain with 125 stitches.
Don’t worry that it curls as it will straighten out when you add the rows.
Crochet 4 rows of single crochet. You can adjust this to fit your hanger so be sure to measure around the hanger to make sure the chain fits.
Remember there will be a certain amount of stretch as you join it around the hanger.
Fold the crochet strip around the hanger at the base of the hook.
Single crochet it together making sure to go into each stitch.
My hanger had little hooks on it so when I got to that part I skipped a stitch so the hook was still usable.
When you get back to the base of the hanger hook join both pieces together with a single crochet stitch and then cut a long tail.
Thread a needle and stitch the edges together.

covering coat hangers with a long crochet strip at

Other ways to up cycle coat hangers

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  1. Crafty Gardener

    From a visitor who contacted me – Back in the day we had a family friend who made hangers for us. He used plastic twine purchased from an agriculture supply store which is used for baling hay. This twine comes in big “spools” that I believe are like a 1000 feet and would be much less expensive than yarn.

  2. Donna May Thorpe

    I’m looking for the material to do braided wire coat hangers. Can you help me out please.
    Thank You

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