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Osprey are large raptors.  They can be up to 60 cm. in length and have a wingspan of up to 180 cm.  They prefer nesting close to water so they are close to the food supply.  Its diet is fish and it has the ability to circle the water looking for food, then dive and catch the fish with its sharp claws or talons.

There are a few locations by the Bay of Quinte of nesting platforms used by the osprey.

This is one location beside the Moira River.  The nesting pole is on the right of the photo and the reflection of the pole shows in the still water.

The nest is in Zwick’s Park beside a shallow inlet. Here you can see both the male and female osprey on the nest.

The male is perched guarding the nest.  You can see the hooked beak and sharp eyes.

It is a joy to visit the various nesting platforms and watch the osprey.

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