Winter Greenery for the Pots

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It has been that time of year … fill the empty pots and containers with greenery to add interest for the winter.   I did things a bit differently this year and didn’t fill the two biggest pots because of their location.  One is right beside the driveway and gets covered in snow from the snow blower.  The other in on the north corner and gets filled in with the blowing snow.

By the garage the wire baskets were replaced with metal hanging hooks so that meant a bit of a change in what goes there.  I took two empty hanging baskets from the fuchsia plants and filled them with greenery.

pots filled with winter greenery at

I’m a thrifty person as well as resourceful and most of the greenery came from the landfill dump this year.  Being in the country we don’t have any curbisde pickup of dried leaves and garden debris but have to take it to the landfill ourselves.   I always take along my garden cutters, especially in the fall, as there are lots of tree trimmings dumped there.  A few minutes of foraging around gave me all sorts of greenery for this year.  The sumac plumes come from bushes at the very back of our property.

pots filled with winter greenery at

The metal half containers were moved from the garage wall to the deck railing in the spring.  So for the winter they have been filled with greenery too.  So now the view from the kitchen window has some extra attraction.  I can see the deck railing, the bottle tree, the bridge area and the back fields.

pots filled with winter greenery at

I had collected lots of greenery so decided to use the remaining branches to fill in the tipsy buckets in the honeysuckle garden.

pots filled with winter greenery at

The buckets have trailing plants in them all summer and usually site bare during the winter.  This will be another bit of interest to see out the back windows.

pots filled with winter greenery at

It will look really pretty covered in snow.  I can’t wait to take photos of it over the winter months.

If the winter greenery isn’t set up in the pots, usually by the beginning of November, the soil freezes and it is hard to get the branches pushed in.  I had lots of birch logs that usually go in the big containers and I’ve used them in another way that I’ll be sharing later.

II’s been a good week and five things worth mentioning are:

1.the greenery pots are all ready and I’m grateful for the free greenery

2. the weather has been glorious with above normal temperatures and I’ve been glad to see the sunshine

3. I had my second cataract eye surgery on Tuesday, now I have a matching set, so I haven’t been on the computer much daughter had her birthday this week (same day as my surgery)

5. another daughter found my husband some Remembrance Day special coins in her change

the gardener side at

Some of the other garden areas

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