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What better thing to arrive in the mailbox on a rainy day totally unexpected was a copy of Christmas in Newfoundland 2 by Mike Martin.

Mike writes the series of light mystery gendre of books about Sgt. Windflower, who is an RCMP officer stationed in Newfoundland. I love books set in Canada and written by a Canadian.

I can’t say enough about how lovely this series is, and to have a new book with Christmas short stories is perfect for getting into the Christmas season and holiday spirit. We feel Christmas is a long way off, but in reality it is a lot closer than we think.

Christmas in Newfoundland by Mike Martin

There are 13 delightful stories about our favourite characters from the series and perhaps one or two that are Mike’s memories (although that is not mentioned).

It has been a rainy week, and even though I have been tempted to read the book all at once I’ve limited myself to a story or two with a cup of tea on these rainy days. Of course I know it will lead to rereading the other books as well and getting reacquainted with the locations and families that I have grown to love during this series.

Christmas in Newfoundland by Mike Martin

One story I really enjoyed was about Herb Stoodley and Tibb’s Eve. Tibb’s Eve is the night before Christmas Eve when friends get together in a house or garage but really it seems to be just an excuse to have a drink. Herb is worried he will miss Tibb’s Eve as Moira wants him to go to Marystown for shopping and the weather isn’t looking good. It starts out clear driving but the snow quickly develops. On his way back after getting the shopping Herb gets stuck on the road, and then encounters another vehicle that is stuck. Being a good Newfoundlander he has to help out this other person who is heading to hospital, in the opposite direction, and he ends up having to stay the night with a cousin. Will he make it to Tibb’s Eve? You’ll have to read and find out.

Stories about Amelia Lousie and Stella are wonderful and you feel you are right there and part of all their antics.

Christmas traditions are such an important part of each Christmas and these stories show how important they are to these families. Remembering the memories and creating new ones for future generations. Reading the stories brought back memories of my childhood Christmas times.

Christmas in Newfoundland by Mike Martin

You can read about the Sgt. Windflower Mysteries on Mike’s site or visit his Facebook page for the latest happenings.

As always thanks to Mike for giving me the opportunity to preview his books. And what better Christmas gift for someone on your list, than a copy of one or more of Mike’s books.

Sgt Windflower mystery series by Mike Martin

Sgt. Windflower Books:

  1. The Body on the T
  2. The Walker on the Cape
  3. Beneath the Surface
  4. A Twist of Fortune
  5. A Long Ways from Home
  6. A Tangled Web
  7. Darkest Before Dawn
  8. Fire Fog and Water
  9. A Perfect Storm
  10. Safe Harbour
  11. Buried Secrets
  12. Dangerous Waters
  13. All That Glitters

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  1. Margy

    I’m glad I stopped by. I’ve seen lots of Facebook posts about the book, but didn’t read closely enough. I thought he was sharing the original one. I went to Amazon and it is available as a Kindle Unlimited book. I read almost everything on my Kindle these days so that was perfect for me. I’m going to save it to read closer to Christmas. We are leaving for RVing in Arizona next weekend and won’t return until just before Christmas so I’ve started decorating this week. That makes our return just before the holiday so much easier. – Margy

    • Crafty Gardener

      Hi Margy, happy RVing, hope you document it again on your blog. Decorating now makes sense, so when you return it is all (or just about done). I enjoyed the book, couldn’t wait to read it till later like you. But then I can reread it again, along with the other ones. I’m split between Kindle reading or library app reading, but till go for the odd actual library book. Old habits are hard to break.

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