How to Make a Small Snowman Hat

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Do you accumulate the coffee pod containers?  Even though we buy the Canadian Beaver Rock brand, which are totally recyclable (if your area accepts them) I still like to save them for craft projects.  In our house only my husband drinks coffee but we still get quite a few of them over a while.

how to make a snowman hat out of a coffee pod container at

These ones separate easily and you have a little outer container with a hole in the bottom and a basket like inner piece.  I haven’t found an idea for the basket liner yet, but I’m still thinking about it.  Have you got any ideas?

how to make a snowman hat out of a coffee pod container at

Cut out a circle from card stock or thin cardboard for the base of the hat. Paint the coffee pod and the circle black.  I always paint on wax paper then no paint gets on your work surface.  Sometimes more than one coat of paint is needed to cover over the plastic.

how to make a snowman hat out of a coffee pod container at

Make use of the hole in the pod to thread some ribbon through so you have something to hang the hat with.  Be sure to add the ribbon before you glue on the base of the hat.

how to make a snowman hat out of a coffee pod container at

Using E600 glue I ran a bead of glue around the edge of the pod and gently pressed it onto the black base.

how to make a snowman hat out of a coffee pod container at

Now it is time to decorate your snowman hat with a bit of ribbon and decoration of your choice.  I used three leaves of plastic holly and three red beads.

how to make a snowman hat out of a coffee pod container at

Once dry your little snowman hat is ready to hang.  This would be fun craft for Brownies, Guides, grandkids and for the crafter to make for those Christmas craft sales.  It is just about 5 cm tall.

making a snowman hat at

A few years ago I made a large snowman hat out of a big tin, some ribbon and some decorations.  It was a fun centrepiece. Be sure to click the link to see how I made it.

my snowman hat label at

The list is endless as to what you can make with these little k-cups – snowmen, bells, reindeer, hats of all sorts (leprechaun, top, graduation), little baskets, critters, wreath, little seed started cups, little storage containers, candles, card holder, mini pin cushion, circle stamps, Advent calendar and so much more.

I’m sharing this small snowman hat with Funky Junk. I’d love to hear about some things you have made with coffee pod containers.

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  1. Country Gal

    I don’t use this type of coffee but for those who do use them and like to craft what a great idea . They are soo cute ! It has been raining here for days but glad it isn’t snow cause we would be buried in it if it was but tat least the temps aren’t to bad . I am hoping for some sunshine over the weekend . November already WOW ! where do the days go ?! Thanks for sharing . Have a good weekend !

  2. Linda

    You make the cutest things!
    I don’t have those wee coffee things…but I love your idea!⛄️
    Enjoy the rain….?

  3. Teresa

    You’re right, this is the perfect thing to make for Christmas. You can even use them to embellish your wrapped gifts.
    Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned.

  4. Jenn

    Oh Linda, I just LOVE these! I have lots of leftover pods too, I will try this out with my niece and nephew. Thank you!

  5. lori Mize

    Where can I find the poem that is attached to the hat? This is a cute idea.

  6. Mary

    I did this with some coffee pods, but I used the top of old jar lids and top of open cans of veggies, I used the little cans. These are fun and cute.

  7. Crafty Gardener

    From a visitor who commented on the pin

    orendawhisper – I tried it! It came out great! Easy and fun.

  8. Maggie

    You can save the used coffee and sprinkle it in your flower beds to keep cats from using it as a litter box!

  9. janet rewolinski

    I don’t use these; however, I know some people that do. I asked them to save some for me – got more than I an use. Hoping to make these for some small snowman gnomes.

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