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I love pockets and always try to have at least one in my dress/skirt/pants/capris. But with the evolution of the phone getting bigger it is frequently impossible to get a pocket to fit the phone. I’ve even been known to add in my own pockets tp outfits.

I came up with my portable pocket which is really a small cross body bag.

I used some yarn that I have had for ages, in fact I’m quite sure it is discontinued now. Once upon a time it was a scarf, but as the yarn is slippery it just didn’t feel right. It was unravelled and the yarn sat in the craft closet for ages and ages. Then I decided to make a portable pocket to carry the phone and a tissue (a person with allergies always needs a tissue) in and decided it was the perfect yarn.

making a portable pocket at

Using a granny square made (4mm hook) that I used on my bags was perfect for this project.

  • chain 4, join
  • row 1 – chain 2, 2 dc in center, (chain 3, 3 dc in center), repeat twice more, join
  • row 2 – chain 2, dc across, 2 dc, chain2, 2 dc
making a portable pocket at

I started out with two granny squares for each side, but when I joined them together the bag would of been too long. So I added 3 more rows of dc to each end.

making a portable pocket at

I always line my bags and also the straps to stop stretching.

making a portable pocket at

The phone fits in perfectly. This will be used on my walks or when I’m working in the garden.

making a portable pocket at

I already have ideas for the next one. The strap needs to be a little longer. I did put a pocket on the inside but it was small, so I decided that next time I would make one side all in dc and add a granny square pocket to the front. I’ll be sure to show you how that one turned out.

~Bags with purse-onality~

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I get lots of inspiration from other stitchers at Slow Sunday Stitching and appreciate all the visits and comments from there. Visit them and gather some inspiration for yourself.

8 Responses

  1. Myrtle

    That is very nice Linda, a great use of some yarn and so handy when out walking.

  2. Kathy S.

    That’s perfect! I love that it is lined. Great way to use up the discontinued material. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Karrin Hurd

    Lovely idea of the pocket. I frequently avoid things without pockets. Hope you have a great week!

  4. CathieJ

    I like that you lined that bag. This is a great idea. Have a great week.

  5. Jenny Benton

    That’s a clever idea, I can see why you would want to line it, especially the strap. Great plan to reuse your yarn.

  6. Sarah

    Great idea, especially to line the strap to stop it stretching.

  7. Vondean Erickson

    This is so clever and I will be making one for when I go to the store shopping for groceries. I do not like to carry my purse and do like to have my cell phone and billfold with me handy. My pockets are usually not big enough for both items.
    Another thing to put on my to do list.
    Enjoy your website so much.

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