The Tea Thyme Tree

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Last year in the honeysuckle garden I hung all sorts of tea bits and pieces when I was inspired after seeing something similar at the Saylor Cafe in Bloomfield.  In mid April of this year I started to hang the cups, jugs, mugs and pots for another year.  I also added the old bistro set that was in another part of the garden.  The legs are broken but I just hate throwing things away.

the tea thyme tree at

Skip from April 14, 2017 to May 20, 2017 and this is what the area looks like now.   The honeysuckle shrub is no longer bare, in fact the blooms are starting to appear and everything looks so lush and green.

the tea thyme tree at

The brick marker I had painted a few years ago to mark where the thyme was growing got moved and I added a half broken brick with the word tea painted on it under the table.

the tea thyme tree at

The chairs each have a container of thyme.  Do you remember those little crocheted tea cups from last year?  I’ve added them to the chairs this year to fit in with the china cups, jugs and pots that hang in the tree.

the tea thyme tree at

Two of the tea cup planters were a added to the old wheelbarrow that is planted with stonecrop sedum kamtschaticum.

the tea thyme tree at

On nice days we love to sit in the gazebo and have tea and relax and enjoy looking at the garden and this is one of the spots that we can see.

I love to name my garden areas (trellis garden, fence garden, signs post garden, shady garden, windmill garden) and they all include fun bits of garden whimsy.

teacup line

Crafty is craf-tea

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