The Succulents Were Framed

One of the projects over the past gardening season was making a succulent frame.  I saw the idea at Canada Blooms and on various websites.  One day while visiting some thrift stores I came across a basket that would be perfect.

It looked like a picture frame with a wire grid for the base.  F is for framed!

a basket frame of succulents at

For $2 it came home with me ready to be transformed into a succulent frame.

a basket frame of succulents at

It was the perfect depth, would allow drainage and I couldn’t wait to get started.  I also found small rolls of chicken wire and landscaping fabric at the dollar store this year.

a basket frame of succulents at

First I lined the frame with some landscape fabric so the dirt wouldn’t fall right through that wire frame.  Then it got filled with potting soil and a piece of chicken wire was fitted over the top.

a basket frame of succulents at

The chicken wire needed some help to stay in place so it used small pieces of beading wire and poked it around the wire and through the frame edges and twisted it tight underneath.  I made sure to go all around the frame so the chicken wire was anchored in place at every possible spot.

a basket frame of succulents at

Then the fun began … time to fill it up with some succulents.  I chose small hens & chicks, red carpet stonecrop, stringy stonecrop, blue spruce stonecrop and mossy stonecrop.  I didn’t totally fill it as it was made in September and I wanted to see how it would survive the winter.  I also wanted to leave some growing room and spaces to add some different varieties next spring.

I’m storing the succulent frame on a shelf under my outside workbench over the winter along with the birdcage planter.  Fingers crossed they both survive through the winter.

a basket frame of succulents at

I previewed two excellent ebooks on growing succulents.  Check out Propagating Succulents and Growing Succulents Indoors.

I’m sharing with ABC Wednesday, and the letter of the week is F.  F for framed!

It seems my focus in the last gardening season was planting succulent containers.  This was the fourth different one I completed.

a birdcage planterwhite tub  / toolbox planter /succulent frame

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