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Growing Succulents indoors is a 42 page ebook written by Cassidy Tuttle of Succulents and Sunshine..  This is a book geared towards those looking to start a succulent collection as well as those who currently own succulents and need help keeping them alive and healthy.I was recently give a copy of this ebook to preview for my  site.  If you do purchase an ebook from the link here I will get a percentage of the sale.  I loved the first ebook that Cassidy wrote, Propagating Succulents and this one is just as informative and eye appealing.


 These are two pages from the book.  The soft background colours and easy to read print compliment the photos.


If you aren’t growing succulents already there are recommendations of which are the best ones to get started with.  The book explains that the darkest green succulents require the most sun and are not necessarily the best ones to grow indoors.  Succulents need about 6 hours of sunlight a day.  If you don’t have an area with that amount of sunlight the book explains how you can use grow lights to your advantage.


Watering techniques are very important. Signs of over watering and under watering are discussed.  Containers and choice of soil are an important section in this book.

Visit Succulents and Sunshine  and buy your own copy of this ebook.  It’s the perfect companion to Propagating Succulents.  You can add the pdf to your iBooks and have it on hand to read all the time.

Cassidy has an active Facebook page, where you can ask questions and read comments from others and you can also find her on Pinterest.

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