Keeping My Ears Warm

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We’ve been having some really, really cold weather so far in January so I used up some of my yarn to make some warm cozy headbands to keep my ears warm.
I just hate wearing hats but during this cold spell it is important to keep my ears warm.  On extremely cold days when I’m outside for long periods of time shovelling or walking I do break down and wear a hat I made last year.


Awhile ago I won a head wrap from Nicola Knits and I really loved it, so I hunted down the pattern and made a couple more.


The first one used up some of my favourite greens from my afghan last year.


The next one used up some various blue yarn.   As you can see from the pattern page I always add bits of yarn in the order I’m using them as this helps me know which colour comes next.  Each of the head wraps were made in an evening.


At one point in the pattern  there were two rows of single crochet, but I chose to do alternating rows of double and single crochet.  The rows are also alternating between front loops only and back loops only to give a ridge effect.  I kept that part of the pattern as it looked really good.


I chose to do only 9 rows compared to the 12 in the pattern as I felt that was enough to cover my ears.

Here is my pattern if you want to give it a try.  As usual I’much better at doing the crochet than writing down the pattern, so if you find a mistake just let me know and I’ll look into it.

You need a 5.5 mm crochet hoot and some worsted weight year (I used Red Heart).

Chain 69.

Row 1 – In the 3rd chain from the hook do a dc.  Then dc across the length. 66 dc in total.  Measure it around your head to see if it fits.  Use less to make the head wrap fit tighter or to make it smaller.  Use what works for you.

Row 2 – ch1 sc in front loops across.

Row 3 – ch 3, dc in back loops across

Row 4 – ch 1, sc in front loops across

Row 5 – ch 3, dc in back loops across

Row 6 – ch 1, sc in front loops across

Row 7 – ch 3, dc in back loops across

Row 8 – ch 1, sc in front loops across

Row 9 – ch 3, dc in back loops across

Change colour with each row.  Use however many colours you want.  In the green one I used 4 shades of grey and in the blue one I used 3 shades of blue.  I wove my ends in as I did each row which makes for a smoother seam when joining.  If you leave all the ends to we’ve in when you join the head wrap it gets a bit lumpy.


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