Keep the Head Warm

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With cold weather approaching very quickly I’ve just completed a hat in greys and white with the left over yarn from my recent bags.  Keeping your head, especially your ears, warm in the extreme cold is a really good idea.  Now I hate wearing anything on my head at all … but on those really cold, windy and snowy days when it is time to shovel snow of the walks and driveway I’ve got a nice warm and cozy hat to pull on.

hat greys4a

The pattern comes from one of my favourite crochet/knitting sites … Moogly and it is called Leaping Stripes and Blocks Beanie.  There is a printable pattern in many sizes from baby to adult.  It is easy to follow and the hat made up quickly.  I loved doing the ribbed brim which finishes off the hat lovely.

hat greys3a

It really didn’t use much yarn at all and it is the perfect project for using up odds and ends.  I can see this done in all sorts of colour combinations.  If you make items to donate this is the perfect pattern to use.

This is the view from the back door this morning … a sprinkling of snow.  So it looks like I might be needing this hat sooner than later if more of the white stuff decides to fall.


It looks like some birds were the first to make prints in the snow on the deck.


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