Blooms for November

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The Christmas cactus has been in bud for a week or so now and one of the blooms opened up on Thursday.  This plant is 6 years old and was originally a gift from a friend at work.  It bloomed slightly earlier this year but as one one bud is open it should be blooming well into the beginning of December.


This plant is also referred to as a Holiday cactus or Schlumbergera.  It is a native plant from the rain forests of Brazil and grows on trees rather than in the ground. 


If you originally purchased your plant close to Christmas, the growers adjusted the growing conditions to force it to bloom then and that is why we call it the Christmas cactus. The plant typically blooms from late Fall to late winter.  Mine usually blooms twice … once before Christmas and once a few weeks after Christmas


It is best not to move the plant while it is in bloom as this can cause the buds to fall off. The plant does not like drafts, nor heat blowing on it.  Many people have success moving the plant outdoors over the summer months.  I  just keep mine inside and on the plant shelf in the kitchen.  There is a small whitish plant that I purchased last year to the left of the big pink one.  There are a few white buds on that plant also.

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