Fixing the Aliens

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Across the road from us and about 3 fields back is the row of hydro towers.  The grandkids call them the aliens!  One day in the early fall we saw work being done on the aliens across the road from us.


Looking north from our front door is this view,  a photo from my files.  It was taken to capture a passing storm a few years ago and it gives a good view of the hydro towers or the aliens marching through the fields.

We heard the noise of the approaching helicopter.  This is not a new noise for us as with our proximity to CFB Trenton we see the rescue helicopters fly over frequently.


The pilot hovered by the towers and two men got out and climbed onto the towers.


That is one high flying job!  Can you imagine the view from up there?


The helicopter left the area and the men continued to do some work on the towers.


The helicopter came back awhile later and picked the workers up from this tower and they moved onto another one.

Have you had anything exciting happening in the skies around you?


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