150th Birthd-eh!

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July 1 is Canada D-eh. It’s our 150th Birthd-eh

We are very proud to be Canadians and over the years I’ve made various bits of Canadian garden whimsy.

You could make a Canada flag from rocks.

Canada flags from material strips were quick and easy to make.  The original idea used a coat hanger, which I tried but I didn’t like the way it looked.  I also tried one on a twig but it never seemed to hang straight.   So I had these mini flag stands in the garage and while decorating the garden this spring I decided to tie to flag strips on these.  I like them much better and they can be easily moved around the garden.

make a Canada flag at craftygardener.ca

While a member of Girl Guides of Canada we always made some patriotic hat crafts.  If you are a leader and would like more detailed instructions, just message me and I’ll see what I can do.  Most of the crafts on that page are self explanatory.

I keep a list of great Can-eh-dian sites to visit.  I’d be happy to add your family friendly site.  Just let me know the province you live in and the link to your site.

the Can-eh-dian blog hop at craftygardener.ca

There are some amazing displays at this time of the year.  At our local mall there is a fantastic art piece created by local Madoc sculptor, James C Smith.

Canada 150 display at the Quinte Mall at craftygardener.ca

By the highway entrance to Belleville is a floral display celebrating the 200th birthday of the city of Belleville.  For some reason it was decided to celebrate the same time last Canada’s 150 even though it happened last year.  Every year the Canada flag is created in flowers and this year the 200 was added.  I don’t actually live in Belleville but it is our closest city and the place were we go to shop, go to the library, and our family lives.

floral display for Belleville, Ontario 200th birthday at craftygardener.ca

Wishing all my Canadian friends a happy and safe Canada Day.

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