The Royal Winter Fair

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At the beginning of November we took a daycation of a different sort … we took a bus trip to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.  The Royal is held in Toronto every year and is a huge attraction.  This was our first organized bus trip, and we enjoyed it immensely and would definitely take another trip to a different destination.

The Royal Winder Fair,

We travelled with McCoy Bus Tours.  We got on the bus at our local mall at 9 am and arrived at the fair just over a couple of hours later.  What a view from the bus … sitting so much higher than we even do in our van.  It was a lovely sunny day, great for travelling and taking in the scenery.


The tour guide made sure everyone was happy, gave us candy, had jokes and info for us from time to time, and answered any questions that we had.

The Royal Winder Fair,

It had been many, many years since we have been to the Royal so we had an idea of what to expect.

The Royal Winder Fair,

Displays of all sorts of veggies were abundant as well as cheese and butter displays.

The Royal Winder Fair,

There were cows, sheep, goats, alpacas, pigs, chickens, turkeys, roosters and more.  All were groomed to perfection for the various shows and competitions.

The Royal Winder Fair,

The horses were spectacular … from show jumping, to horse teams, to buggies.  Even watching the clean up team with their tractors and carts change the venue between competitions was a treat.

The Royal Winder Fair,

There were seasonal floral displays and a huge Christmas tree decorated in huge pinecones, grape vine balls and burlap bows.  There were rows and rows of vendors selling everything from saddles, to candles, to food, to clothing, to decorations.

We boarded the bus for home at 5:45 pm where the tour guide had a movie for us to watch on the ride home.  What traffic!!  Rows and rows of red lights ahead of us and rows and rows of white lights approaching us.  It seemed as if everyone was on the road at once.  I’m glad we weren’t driving.

It was a fabulous daycation and we are already planning another one next year.

Have you ever taken a bus trip?  and if so where did you go?

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