Plant Profile: Clematis

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The Polish Spirit clematis grows happily in the trellis garden for many years.  It provides many lovely purple blooms.  In 2010 the trellis had to be moved for some renovations on the basement and the clematis was dug and put … Continued


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This is the first time I’m trying to grow okra seed in my veggie container garden.  The seeds were given out at Canada Blooms, which we visited last March. This isn’t a veggie that is on my shopping list and I … Continued

Plant Profile: Lovage

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Lovage is an edible, tall and erect, herbaceous perennial  plant that is one of the first to start poking through the ground in early April.  It belongs to the umbellifier family and can grow up to 2.5 meters tall. The name lovage comes from the … Continued

Plant Profile: Yucca

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Yucca or Adam’s Needle is a gorgeous, tall perennial, ornamental plant for the garden.  It is classified as an evergreen shrub that doesn’t shed its needles and it doesn’t have a trunk.  It likes dry and sandy soil conditions. A … Continued

Hello Mellow Yellows

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The mellow yellows are all over the garden this week … coreopsis, daylilies, evening primrose, stonecrop, buttercups and more.  The weather has been wonderful, hot but not necessarily humid.  It’s the kind of weather I could enjoy all summer long.

Calendula or Pot Marigold

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Calendula officinalis … calundula … pot marigold These bright yellow and orange annual flowers have a long blooming period – from mid summer to first frost. This plant prefers a fair amount of sun but isn’t overly fussy on the … Continued

Parrots in the Garden

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I’ve got parrots in the garden … not real parrots because we don’t live in the right climate … but parrot tulips.  Parrot tulips are known for their colourful, curly, fringed petals that perhaps resemble parrot feathers.  They have gorgeous … Continued