W for Weigela

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The Red Prince Weigela has been in the garden for about 8 years now.  It has bloomed since first planted but in the past couple of years it has put on a spectacular show or red blooms.

This is a spreading deciduous shrub with masses of red spring blooms and a surprise to follow.


The lovely red buds promise blooms to come soon.


And then comes the wonderful surprise of more blooms late in the summer.  I’ve noticed the spring blooms are more profuse.


We have it planted on the north side of the house, but it is well away from the house to get sun for a good portion of the day.  It can grow up to 3 meters tall and will spread just as wide.  You can prune it back after the second bloom to maintain the shape as it does get long shoots that will stick out quite a bit.

I’m sharing with ABC Wednesday for the letter W.

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