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The house wren has been around singing its lively song and creating nests around the garden.

house wren at

I’m sure he is calling his mate to come and check out this cheep ‘wren’tal accommodation he just found.  The last occupants left it a bit messy so it is out with some old and in with some new twigs.  The house needs a paint job so I’m sure he can get it for a song!

house wren at

The adult is about 13 cm long and similar wingspan.  They have a long, slightly curved beak and a little tail that sticks up.  It darts quickly among the branches.

house wren at

Wrens will nest in birdhouses, nesting boxes, holes in tree trunks or build a a nest in the crook of a branch.  The male builds the nests … a few at a time.  Then he takes his mate around to check them out and she picks the one she prefers.  This male has been scoping out 3 birdhouses in our garden and 1 in the neighbours tree.  Once the female has made her selection she will add more twigs and begin to make a soft cavity to lay the eggs.

I’m sharing this cute lens friend with Wild Bird Wednesday and I’d Rather B Birdin’

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