The Fence Garden in June

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It’s that time of month to compare how the fence garden is growing.   During 2012 I took a photo about the same time each month and now I’m taking one each month during 2013.

It is very interesting to see the comparison of plants, of the whimsy added to this area, and how much fence you can actually see.


Here is the garden in June 2012.  It was an early start to the gardening season last year and things got off to a great start.  The heliopsis is nearly to the top of the fence.  There are some daisies and some stonecrop kamtschaticum is blooming (grows in cement blocks on both sides of the garden).  Hank the heron and the mosaic mushrooms now have a new home in other gardens.


Even though the 2013 gardening season got off to a slow start the height of the plants is about the same.  There has been a lot of growth since last month. You can just see the cat’s tail behind the heliopsis.  The stonecrop isn’t blooming yet but there is still a couple of iris still in bloom (all finished at this time last year)  There aren’t quite as many daisies in bloom.  Mr. Stringy has replace Hank the Heron, who know has a home closer to the bridge garden.  The stringy stonecrop is about to bloom.

Compare the fence garden from previous months.

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