The Fence Garden in May

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I started out with this great idea of taking a photo each month, on and around the 25th of the month, to see how the fence garden looked in a comparison to 2012 and 2013.  I just have to remember to post about it now so that I can compare the seasons from year to year.

Here is the fence garden in April 2013.  It was in 2012 that I forgot to take a photo so I had nothing to compare it to.  The leaves have been raked off the garden and you can see a few plants poking through.  A lot happened in the month till the next photo was taken (at bottom of page)


The weather has been so different this spring than last spring.  Last spring the plants were well ahead in growth.  The fence garden was started a few years ago when a piece of fence was put up to hide 3 composters.  Then it became the place to hang all the old garden tools that had seen better days.  And other pieces of garden whimsy are added each year.  Sometimes the same thing, sometimes different.   Now it becomes like the spot the difference photos.


Here is the fence garden in May of 2012.  You can see some tall purple iris in bloom and the height of the flowers is much higher than this year.

Here is the same area in May 2013.  Have you spotted any differences?


The growth isn’t nearly as high and there are no iris even budding.  The heliopsis in the back left aren’t even to the top of that wooden support I put in this year.  Yet look above to last year and they are reaching right up to the old rake head.  I’ve added a new friend into the garden this year.  The tree stump is part of the old tree that came down in the winds at the end of April.  It was cut into 3 good sized pieces and so far 2 of the stumps have become tree friends.

It is interesting to compare the same area of the garden and be able to see the differences in growth.

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