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Several years ago I did a post about my garden under ‘hosta’ge. I just love these plants in our shady north facing garden. Over the years I’ve been dividing them and creating new gardens or sharing them with other gardeners.

This led to one of my ‘trowel & error’ experiments that I call pots under ‘hosta’ge which I’ve been doing since 2013.  Our house faces north so there is a lots of shade in the gardens and on the patio and I’m now up to 10 big pots now.

pots under 'hosta'ge at craftygardener.ca

These pots are stored in the garage over the winter to limit the freeze and thaw cycles that often happens. Usually at the beginning to mid April I get the pots outside so they can benefit from the rains and stimulate the growth.

pots under 'hosta'ge at craftygardener.ca
pots of hosta May 15, 2021

I put a lot of drainage in the bottom of the pot before filling with potting soil. Sometimes at the start of the season I top up the pots with some more soil as the plants will use a lot of the nutrients in the soil.

pots under 'hosta'ge at craftygardener.ca

You can see that the hosta get big and bushy in these pots and they extend the garden onto the patio area.

More ‘trowel and error’. With 10 big pots to store, the garage space was getting crowded, so I left a couple of pots out in the garden last year and I must say they didn’t do as well as those that were stored in the garage. But it is easy to dig up a small plant from the big ones that grow permanently in the shady from garden and replace them.

pots under 'hosta'ge at craftygardener.ca

These pots are low maintenance, which is my type of gardening as I get older. If I know it is going to rain and move the pots to the other side of the patio where they will get a good soaking. Though once the leaves get big the rain very often just runs off the leaves and doesn’t get into the soil. So every now and then I haul the hosepipe around and give all the pots a good soaking.

pots under 'hosta'ge at craftygardener.ca

With the rising cost of annuals to fill all these pots, plus all the watering and maintenance, I’m really glad I made the switch to pots under ‘hosta’ge.

Have you tried growing hosta in pots?

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6 Responses

  1. Linda

    I grow them in pots too, mine are just starting to put on some growth now, they don’t get eaten by the slugs and snails as much as those planted in the garden either.

    • Crafty Gardener

      You are so right about not being bothered by slugs and snails. I love growing hosta in pots. I’ve got a few extra pots to fill up this year, just need to get some more soil.

  2. Myrtle

    Hello Linda, a great way to have hostas. I do like them and we have some under two trees. As for storing pots in Al’s garage, not happening, it is large but with 5 vehicles in there and Al still rebuilding the second jeeps, one will get sold when done. Enjoy this beautiful weather.

  3. Margie

    The puns made me smile! I never tried growing hostas in a pot. I don’t have much of a green thumb, so I’m all about low-maintenance plants!

  4. Jennifer Jilks

    I hve never thought of this. But we have 16 acres, and I tend to be too lazy for this. ‘trowel and error’ is really funny! I so enjoy your gardening!

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