Plant Profile: Daffodils

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Daffodils also known as narcissus or a jonquil are delightful spring blooms.


They come in a variety of sizes and colours and brighten the garden during May.

Double Ice King Daffodils

Bulbs should be planted in the Fall before the frost sets in.

Sempre Avanti daffodils

Choose a sunny location with well drained soil.

Double Cheerfulness daffodils

After blooming, leave the foliage and just snip away the spent flower, which allows nutrients to return to the bulb for the following year.  

April daffodils at

An old nursery rhyme comes to mind:

Has come to town
With a yellow petticoat
And a pretty green gown.

daffodils May 2015 at

D for daffodils, N for narcissus. Enjoy the daffodils blooms in the spring.  

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  1. Margy

    It’s been quite a while since I’ve been back to the blogs. I hope to start back writing when we get back to the cabin hopefully in late June or early July if there is still a 14-day quarantine that we’ll have to do in the condo. A friend took a picture of my floating garden and the daffodils were just finishing up. The weeds, however were going great guns. I’ll have a lot of work again removing them this year. Maybe I should cover the soil with plastic since I won’t be trying to garden again this year. Have you ever done that to kill weed seeds? – Margy

    • Crafty Gardener

      Hi Margy, I’ve was wondering about you and Wayne the other day, haven’t seen any blog posts from you. I think the quarantine is still in effect, even for Canadian citizens. I’ve tried covering areas with plastic, not pots, but it should work just the same. It sure would be worth a try, nothing ventured nothing gained. Hope you make it back to the float cabin soon.

      • Margy

        Just approved your Facebook friend request. I’ve been pretty quiet there as well. We know another quarantine is probably in store for us, we are just hopeful it might be shorter with our vaccines. Either way, we need to go across and get home after so long away. I’m going to try the plastic. It will be on the beds in my floating garden, not the deck pots. I’ve reduced those already to only a few ornamental and flowering plants. I got a Facebook message yesterday that my pansies have reseeded themselves. Now all I need to do is get home to them to water now that the rains have diminished. – Margy

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