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The pretty, pale pink peonies are blooming.  I’ve been taking lots of photos of them because, as we all know, the blooms don’t last that long.

These are Sarah Bernhardt peonies that I planted in 2012.  The plant has really filled in the area where it was planted.

peonies in the garden at

I read that peonies don’t like to be transplanted so I’m not going to take a chance on moving it. But I’ve also read that many gardeners take divisions of plants especially ones that were in family gardens.  Has anyone had luck in moving them and having them bloom afterwards?

peonies in the garden at

The buds are pink on the outside but when they open they are almost white inside.  Peonies do come in other colours as well.

peonies in the garden at

These are herbaceous perennial plants that are native to Asia, southern Europe and western North America which can grow up to 1.5 meters high and wide.

peonies in the garden at

The name comes from Paeon, the Greek god of medicine and healing.

peonies in the garden at

The plants can live a very long time and love full sun.

peonies in the garden at

Mine grow in a sun trap area that is south facing and it is only later in the early evening that there is any shade.

peonies in the garden at

The ants just love the peonies and are always scurrying over the buds.  They are attracted to the juice coating on the buds and don’t do any harm to the plant.

peonies in the garden at

Once the buds are fully open the ants seem to disappear.

peonies in the garden at

Once the blooms are finished I snip off the flower stem and the lush green leaves continue to provide a source of interest in the garden.

peonies in the garden at

After a heavy rainfall the peonies are all floppy. I’m hoping as they dry out the stems will stand upright and the blooms will last a few more days.

peonies in the garden at

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5 Responses

  1. Vondean Erickson

    These are beautiful. A friend gave me one from her garden years ago and as far as I know it is still blooming. I of course could not bring it out here and I ask at the garden center and they said they do not do very well in my area. It was pink also.
    I have been trimming my rose bushes and pulling weeds.
    We need rain so bad but as of yesterday we can water when we want to.
    I enjoy your website so much.

  2. Myrtle

    Home in Nova Scotia Mom had some in the front garden and they were beautiful as long as we didn’t have wind or rain. The herbaceous perennial plants look like great plants to have in the garden.

  3. Linda

    I love peonies but have never had any luck growing them, yours are lovely. I’m wondering if they will grow well in a container. Have a lovely weekend. X

  4. Debbie-Dabble

    I have a few of peonies that I transplanted from my parent’s yard….I would like to move them but I think their roots grow all the way across the world!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!! I hope you have a great weekend!!

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