Books: Elysium Tide

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Dr. Peter Chesterfield, a top neurosurgeon at a London hospital, is a workaholic, arrogant, blunt and to the point person. Frequently speaking his mind gets him into trouble. He has ‘words’ with a collegue after an incident during surgery and … Continued

Books: All That it Takes

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In this contemporary fiction book, All That it Takes, by Nicole Deese, Val has accepted a new job from her friend Molly and it means she will be moving with her son,Tucker from Alaska to Washington. After a house deal … Continued

Books: The Souls of Lost Lake

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This book is set in two timelines, the present-day timeline is through Wren Blythe and the past day timeline is through Ava Coons. Ava was accused of murdering her family when she was only thirteen years old. In the present … Continued

Books: The Master Craftsman

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The Master Craftsman by Kelli Stuart This book is historical romance with mystery, history, adventure, treasure hunting all intertwined into a very good story. It involves undercover work full of intrigue while searching for a Faberge egg that was made … Continued